Golf, bowling, movies, ping pong? Our 4 good indoor tips for the weekend

Want to go out this weekend but stay warm inside? No problem at all! The editorial team has compiled a list of original outings to do in London, while staying dry.

GOLF – Swing on a green in a bucolic setting

Lush plants, wood decor, windmills and red brick walls. With its fairy tale atmosphere, The Swingers is the ideal place to play mini-golf indoors. With two courses of nine holes each, three of London’s top street food sellers, five bars and a two-storey club house, Swingers is the ultimate competitive socialization destination. So to your clubs, go away!

BOWLING – A series of strikes in a seventies atmosphere

Leather seats, velvet sofas and large pattern upholstery, the All Star Lanes and others offer you a dive into 1970s America. Illuminated signs and karaoke space, American fiction becomes reality! For more privacy, in some countries, it is also possible to book a VIP space with a skee ball machine, for those who do not know, it is possible to find this awesome machine in old vintage stores or on sale at depots, it is not common to find it, that is why it has so much “the odds” with young adults. On the catering side, the American dream continues: chicken wings in the Nashville style, French fries, Texan chili… And for vegans, don’t panic, a menu is reserved for you. With the All Star Lanes, make bowling great again.

CINEMA – Make a canvas for yourself in a mythical London venue

Watch a film lying in a velvet sofa, wrapped in a blanket, sipping a glass of wine or enjoying a hot meal? This is possible at the Electric Cinema in London. All this in a vintage atmosphere, just like the first Gaumont cinemas. Notthing Hill Electric Cinema is probably one of the oldest and most romantic cinemas in London. As for Shoreditch’s, it is possible to get a beauty on the first floor at Barber&Parlour! This week’s line-up: Dumbo.

Electric Cinema – 2 addresses in London 191 Portobello Rd, London W11 2ED (020 7908 9696) or Aubin & Wills Store, 64-66 Redchurch St, London E2 7DP (020 3350 3490) – Online schedules

PING PONG – Exchange a few balls before sharing a beer

Electric lights, graffiti on walls and ping pong tables… everywhere. At Bounce Ping Pong you can have a drink with friends or with your darling, enjoy a good meal and especially a good game of ping pong. Underground atmosphere and ideal place to exercise. Smash, backhand, forehand… watch out, it’s going to get rough!